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 Congratulations to all past and future Champions of DMC Motorsports!

Jan. 2018: 

SNOWMOBILE: There will not be a snowmobile race schedule set for this snow season. We will engage the factories and aftermarket companies of the snowmobile industry to promote future events. Our organization is has a two-decade history of snowmobile and motocross racing. We will continue to promote and sanction racing events with venues that excite racers, spectators, and bring value to our series sponsors.

MOTOCROSS: We are preparing for another exciting Summer of Motocross Racing. Check back for the posting of the 2018 DMC MX Schedule.

Please contact us with any questions or to become an Advertising Partner of DMC Motorsports. 218-537-0104


Dec. 2017: Our vision is to provide fun, exciting, and rewarding experiences for all racers and families. Our purpose is to support the sport of snowmobiling along with regional racing circuits (KC Pro, USXC, ISOC). DMC Sno-Series racing venues have provided new class offerings, a new way of doing things, and all new opportunities to challenge our racers; for that we are proud.

We enjoy promoting racing venues and look forward to sanctioning events for many years to come. For the benefit of everyone, it is best for all race organizations to work toward one common our beloved sport of providing excitement for racers, families, and spectators.

As the 2018 snow season approaches, we have had numerous requests for the release of our Sno-Series schedule. Resources to support snowmobiling have become more scarce and ever-challenging for racing promoters. To ensure success for all local circuits, we will not be posting a full-season schedule for the 2017-2018 snow season. We are still considering a date for the "Mini I-500" and possibly a SX event at the Christian Brothers' track.

The future of racing is dependent on the support of local and industry sponsors. We will continue working with sponsors to promote the DMC Sno-Series. We encourage leads for prospective sponsors to contact us. We enjoy everyone's feedback regarding our past and future involvement as a snowmobile racing circuit; we are all in this together. Thank you to all of those who have already reached out to us. Please contact us anytime you like.


Johnnie Green - Race Director

(218) 537-0104

2017 Sno-Series:


2017 Sno-Series Champions (tentative)      
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
120 Stock Bryden Diesen Rielly Clark Gavin Brault Thomas Koerbitz Anna Koerbitz
120 Improved Axle Amsden Thomas Koerbitz Gavin Brault Rielly Clark Ana Wensloff
Champ 120 Tyler Parsley Dallas Peterson Colin Taggert X X
Semi-Pro 206 Thomas Koerbitz Rielly Clark Axle Amsden Gavin Brault Bryden Diesen
Pro 206 Aiden Johnson Brady Wadena Unity Gausen Tyler Parsley Elliot Clark
Champ 206 Aiden Johnson Unity Gausen Elliot Clark McKenna Close X
Outlaw Open Dallas Peterson Colin Taggert Unity Gausen Ana Wensloff Thomas Koerbitz
Transition 8-10 Jesse Hallstrom Ben Gudaites Aiden Johnson Zander Wojciechowski Kale Nagy
Transition 11-13 Jesse Hallstrom Mavrick Broden Ben Gudaites Jake Friedrick Aaden Olson
Junior Jesse Hallstrom Zander Wojciechowski Gabby Hallstrom Jake Friedrick Ben Gudaites

2017 Motocross Series

2017 DMC Motorsports Championship Final Results (tentative)
Class  Point 1st Point 2nd Point 3rd Point 4th Point 5th
50 Open 335 Riley Edwards 322 Wyatt Olson 274 Easton Lee 265 Micah Schlauderaff 263 Reed Rice
50 Oil 347 Gunner Burke 323 Aliya Troop 133 Paxton Smith 131 Bryden Diesen 120 Avery Green
50 4-6 344 Riley Edwards 327 Easton Lee 285 Gunner Burke 218 Aliya Troop 138 Ryder Rice
50 7-8 347 Wyatt Olson 288 Reed Rice 275 Brekyn Tolpingrud 275 Micah Schlauderaff 236 Morgan Schlauderaff
65 7-9 333 Ryan Lee 303 Kale Nagy 287 Logan Schlauderaff 229 Riley Edwards 216 Spencer Briggs
65 10-11 341 Lawrence Eeg 315 Hayden Gothe 297 Autumn Schlauderaff 289 Hunter Kiesow 87 Chandler Bower
65 Open 338 Ryan Lee 310 Lawrence Eeg 279 Hayden Gothe 266 Autumn Schlauderaff 242 Kale Nagy
85 7-11 332 Ryan Lee 299 Carter Becker 264 Hunter Kiesow 174 Autumn Schlauderaff 170 Spencer Briggs
85 12-15 321 Kaiser Schonert 172 Lane Stevens   X   X   X
85 Open 305 Carter Becker 175 Lane Stevens 152 Hunter Kiesow 118 Ryder Johnson 93 Chandler Bower
Women's Open 338 Bethany Tollefson 180 Stacey Olson 144 Shauna Kinney-Voeltz   X   X
Girls 350 Autumn Schlauderaff 314 Logan Schlauderaff 116 Ashlin Lowry   X   X
Junior 338 Adam Sobolik 262 Isaac Schlauderaff 142 Evan Christian 142 Lane Stevens 84 Darion Black
250 A 340 Brandon Green 138 Kaid Pederson   X   X   X
250 B 307 Tyler Pollock 264 Terrell Coleman 215 Simon Briggs 174 Preston Close 153 Kwin Pederson
250 C 328 Adam Sobolik 288 Kyle Warner 264 Jesse Thorsell 221 Isaac Schlauderaff 188 Tyler Bernauer
450 A 247 Mick Olson 87 Jay Jelinek   X   X   X
450 B 168 Jeremy Groshong 148 Dougie Willet 89 Shawn Jelinek   X   X
450 C 290 Bethany Tollefson   X   X   X   X
Open A 308 Brandon Green 238 Mick Olson 92 Kaid Pederson 78 Jay Jelinek 58 Chad Jelinek
Open B 292 Dylan Langevin 218 Terrell Coleman 202 Simon Briggs 163 Preston Close 126 Kwin Pederson
Open C 326 Kyle Warner 224 Jesse Thorsell 211  Christian Efteland 205 Josh Larue 179 Jeff Lampton
Vet / Senior 216 Pete Olson 95 Jason Johnson   X   X   X
Vet Advanced 224 Troy Lowry 183 Jason Johnson 126 Pete Olson 118 Trevor Meier   X
Vet C 368 Kirk Benke 173 Rick Berneauur 114 Todd Thorsell   X   X
Mini Quad Prod. 327 Micah Schlauderaff 313 Ashlin Lowry 265 Kale Nagy 262 Peyton Smith 252 Miranda Peterson
Mini Quad Stock 314 Micah Schlauderaff 309 Peyton Smith 280 Chase Tibbetts 269 Ashlin Lowry 268 Miranda Peterson
Quad Sport 350 Derek Tibbetts 287 Addison Bourdages 262 Gavin Hoefs 258 Kasia Schonert 238 Jaiden Schmaltz
Quad 450 A 304 Eli VanZee 191 Eric Wall 114 John Langaas 113 Trevor Claypool 78 Trace Bakke
Quad 450 B 331 Matt Riske 294 Aaron Tibbetts 273 Isaac Schlauderaff 268 Loghan Nupdal 164 Austin Lowry
Quad 450 C 347 Austin Lowry 323 Derek Tibbetts 238 Sam Tomlin 96 Taylor Tomlinson 67 Steven Smith
Quad Open 247 Eli VanZee 203 Austin Lowry 115 John Langaas 86 Eric Wall 75 Sam Tomlin
Outlaw SXS   X   X   X   X   X



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Sno-Series Banquet: Date will be posted when available.

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