DMC Motorsports

The races in Pembina bought many new faces to DMC. We welcome you and look forward to seeing you at other DMC events this summer. We encourage everyone to share your favorite pics / videos from the weekend with DMC via Facebook or #dmcmotorsports. Lets see your favorite pose with your "Handlebar" Awards.


Our next stop is back at the 109 MX Park in Pemina, ND on Saturday July 26. The track starts out loose and packs up throughout the day. Intermediate / Hard pack tires may be a good choice.

Many racers earned some sweet Race Awards last weekend. We will have some equally exciting Race Awards for you to compete for this weekend. See you there.

Jake from Revolutions Power Sports will be on-site with the Racer Support Trailer. He has everything you want and will bring anything else you need to the races. Just give him a call at Revolutions Power Sports or check out their website (click on any sponsor logo to visit their site).

All DMC Season Members receive awesome discounts on parts and apparel at Revolutions Power Sports. Racers are required to show their DMC Membership Card to receive discounts in the store and at the track.

You still need to check this out! Paul Tharalson compiled a pretty cool video capturing their fun. Check it out on YouTube at #GETIN. You guys (and Amy) are "Living the Dream."

Come out and Ride with DMC!!!!!   It is always a good time to join our motocross family.

The DMC Motorsports corporate phone number is (218) 689-3528.

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