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2016 Revolutions Power Sports Motocross Championships (see points sheet below)

I has been another great season of sharing weekends with all our DMC Families and Friends!!

The Year-End Banquet was a blast at the Stay-N-Play Go-Kart track.

Let's make 2017 another action-packed and fun-filled season!!!


Class Champions:  Best 14 Finishes per Racer

2016 DMC Motorsports Championship Final Results (tentative)
Class  1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
50 Oil Micah Schlauderaff Ashlin Lowry Gunner Burke Easton Lee Tucker Johnson
50 4-6 Micah Schlauderaff Reed Rice Preston Myers Easton Lee Gunner Burke
50 7-8 Morgan Schlauderaff Tuff Jarshaw Brady W. Reed Rice Colin Taggart
65 7-9 Logan Schlauderaff Hayden Gothe Kale Nagy X X
65 10-11 Autumn Schlauderaff Hunter Kiesow X X X
65 Open Hunter Kiesow Hayden Gothe Autumn Schlauderaff Kale Nagy X
85 7-11 Logan Peterson Lane Stevens Kaiser Schonert Hunter Kiesow Austin Burkland
85 12-15 Douglas Bauer Isaac Schlauderaff Adam Sobolik Andy Pake X
85 Open Douglas Bauer Adam Sobolik Logan Peterson Lane Stevens Isaac Schlauderaff
Women's Open Bethany Tollefson Kayla Berg X X X
Girls Autumn Schlauderaff X X X X
Junior Isaac Schlauderaff Kyle Warner Adam Sobolik Darion Black Colton Olson
250 A Brandon Green Kaid Pederson Cody Martin Josh Lachthowe Nolan Stromberg
250 B Preston Close Dougie Willett Jase Pederson Tanner Grinde Jordan Keeley
250 C Landon Peterson Brian Green Reed Karel Kyle Warner Colton Olson
450 A Casey Stone Cody Edwards Mick Olson CJ Sampson Cody Martin
450 B Jeremy Groshong Troy Lowry Kody Klamar Myles Hoffman X
450 C Devyn Weleski Bethany Tollefson Dylan Burkland X X
Open A Casey Stone Mick Olson Cody Edwards Brandon Green Kaid Pederson
Open B Kody Klamar Preston Close Noah Bakken Jeremy Groshong Jase Pederson
Open C Landon Peterson Brian Green Joshua LaRue Brett Hogan Kyle Warner
Vet / Senior Ben Bauer Pete Olson Jason Johnson Ron Fritz X
Vet Advanced CJ Sampson Troy Lowry Jason Johnson Pete Olson Ben Bauer
Vet C Jeff Burkland Logan Schonert Darren Burkland X X
Mini Quad Production Derek Tibbetts Logan Schlauderaff Micah Schlauderaff Miranda Peterson Morgan Schlauderaff
Mini Quad Stock Logan Schlauderaff Micah Schlauderaff Kasia Schonert Morgan Schlauderaff Marlyee Peterson
Quad Sport Isaac Schlauderaff Austin Lowry Derek Tibbetts Autumn Schlauderaff Miranda Peterson
Quad 450 A Trevor Claypool David Gay Jeredd Lakoduk Cody Stone Ryan Adrian
Quad 450 B Eli VanZee Eric Wall Ryan Adrian X X
Quad 450 C Aaron Tibbetts Isaac Schlauderaff Wesley Parkhurst Austin Hoff Ashley Erickson
Quad Open Eli VanZee Eric Wall Jeredd Lakoduk Ryan Adrian Cody Stone
Outlaw SXS Lucas Olson Tyler Pollock Jason Garritson X X


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